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The graduate in Construction, Environment and Territory is able to select the building materials according to their purpose and their manufacturing features; to observe the territory, the free areas and the products, choosing the most suitable methods and instruments and elaborating the data; to apply the methods of planning, evaluation and realisation of buildings and products (of small entity, in non-seismic zones); to use the proper instruments for the graphical restitution of projects and surveys; to protect and evaluate the resources of the territory and the environment; to carry out accounting operations in private and in public contexts; to manage the ordinary maintenance and the business of building organisms; to organise and lead mobile work sites according to the safety standards.

Characterizing subjects
The characterizing subjects are: Working site Management and safety, Buildings and Plants Planning, Geopedology, Economics and Accounting, Topography.

Professional progression
The graduate in Construction, Environment and Territory, will achieve a professional profile that will allow him to enter the world of work as a designer, enterprise owner, work site assistant and coordinator, safety expert, sales agent in the construction sector, employee in technical, engineering, land preservation offices, or in the public service. The graduate will be able to enter any university, in particular Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and post-degree courses.

The amount of the lessons of the second level adult education courses (IDA) is reduced to 30% compared to the lessons of the daytime courses. This reduction is balanced by support, tutoring, skill reinforcement activities, through groups of level, together with distance-learning activities. The use of these activities is planned and formalized with the signing of individual formation agreements, which allow a real customization of every formation path.

Articolazione Costruzioni, Ambiente e Territorio – Istruzione degli Adulti – IDA
Materie di insegnamento 1° Biennio 2° Biennio
Lingua e letteratura italiana 3 3 3 3 3
Storia, cittadinanza e costituzione 1 2 2 2 2
Lingua inglese 2 2 2 2 2
Matematica 3 3 3 3 3
Diritto ed economia 2
Scienze della terra e biologia 1 2
Fisica 3 2
Chimica 2 3
Tecnologie e tecniche di rappresentazione grafica 3 3
Informatica 3
Religione 1 1 1
Gestione del cantiere e sicurezza dell’ambiente di lavoro 2 2 2
Progettazione, Costruzioni e impianti 5 5 4
Geopedologia, Economia ed Estimo 2 3 3
Topografia 3 3 3
Totale ore settimanali 23 23 23 23 23
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